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Mahan sri seshadri swamigal - Part - IV

The acid tests he faced: The great Sapta Rishis asked him to
make a thread out of sand.

Beaten by the police, because as if,
he were instrumental for the plague,
a cruel disease.

North Indians tried to abduct him
Lived in Tiruvannamalai: For forty (40) years
Did he go outside that territory : No, never
Reached His Lotus feet on : 4th January 1929 corresponding Tamil
year of Vibava Margazhi (4.1.1929)
The Star (Tamil) on the date: Hastham (Born and quietous)
Embraced by: His Mother and Father.
Siva Sakthi (fever with rigor).
The tenderness by his Holy Mother
and the heavenly heat by his Holy Father.

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