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“God is not miser. If you lit him camphor even for one paise, he will return in multiple”.

- Mahan Sri Seshadhri

Monthly magazine patron:Rs.1000
Monthly magazine Yearly subscription:Rs.1000
Monthly magazine Yearly subscription:Rs.35
Monthly magazine Life-time subscription:Rs.350
Monthly magazine Individual copy:Rs.5
One day Annadhana Gift:Rs.100
*One day Annadhana Fixed Fund:Rs.1050
Ashram Development Fixed Fund:Rs.1000
One day Hasta pooja Fixed Fund: Rs.10000
Navarathri Pooja Fixed Fund: Rs.10000
Sivarathri Pooja Fixed Fund: Rs.5000
Other Poojas Fixed Fund: Rs.5000
One day Pooja (as you like): Rs.5000
Aippasi month Annabishegam Fixed Fund: Rs.5000
Anointing with Sacred water with holy milk (Durgaiamman): Rs.500
Anointing with Sacred water with holy milk (Guru Dhakshnamoorthi): Rs.500
Special Pooja for Gnana Peeda Nayagar: Rs.1000
Orukalam Pooja (one time pooja like Ushakalam, Kalasanthi, Uchikalam, Sayaratchai, Arthajamam) Fixed Fund: Rs.1500
One day special Annadhanam: Rs.1000
Hasta Pooja, Homam: Rs.600
108 Potri worship: Rs.50
*Gnana Peeda Maintenance purpose fund: Rs.1000

* and its Multiples

The above oblation will be deposited in the bank and from the interest
received we are celebrating above poojas

D.D. or Cheque infavour of

Sri Seshadri Swamigal Trust, Tiruvannamalai

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