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Sesha Dhyanam
Master Pieces Of The Holy Master

Sesha Dhyanam

: Raise up from your bed around three (3.00) at dawn.
: No necessity to bathe.
: For women, menstruation is not a criterion.
: Face the Northern Direction.
: Sit doing SIDDASANA (As seen in Our Holy Mahan’s and Holy Mother’s Pictures).
: Raise up your head and close up your eyes.
: Ascend up your head and lid up your eyes.
: After influencing and unificating your visions, upraise the globe in your eyes.
: And then concentrate and establish the image of Mahan in your mental frame.
: Make your mind with oneness.
: Show the spiritual sign (CIN MUDHRA) with both hands.
: Place your hands on your crossed legs.
: Chant 108 (one hundred and eight) times the Holy Mystical verse, “OM SATHGURU SHRI SESHADRI SWAMIGAL TIRUVADDIKKAY”. You can use the Meditation. Beads (Jaba Maalai) to count 108 times.
: Stop after chanting 108 times.
: Is given any mystical formula or number, chant the same for five times continuously.
: Utter your difficulties, if any, to Mahan.
: Then, again say the SESHA MANTRA, the mystical verse.
: Certainly will He hear your prayers.
: You will be liberated from your planetary pains.
: Mahan is surely be with you for this full day.
: Thank Him for his benedictions and then do other works.
: It is not forbidden, if you go to bed again.
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