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Sri seshadri Ashram
Milky Way Of Sivasakthi

: This Place is enriched by the three : God, Good place and Secred water
: If prayed here with tears, the weight in the heart will dissolve immediately.
: Surrendering is the only way to reach this Mahan.
: Trust with little devotion is enough to receive the grace of this Mahan.
: This is only place where there is no difference of caste, religion, language and sec
: This place will give everything to the meditators.
: This Place is filled with the spiritual vibrations.
: This is the only place where the prayers of all religious are conducted.
: Since this is the runway of celestial beings, it is easy to get boon here.
: The network of devotion of seshadhri was working spritually before the time of internet.
: The sacred water Sesha theertham is the junction of seven holy rivers.
: Good desires will be fulfilled here as the Mahan and the holy mother are living here gracefully in a suitable manner.
: This is the head place of the greatest and uncomparable saint lived ever in this world.
: Since many saints are merged here, this is the flood of grace and blessings.
: Here the abundant grace of Goddness is in rule even though it is Rudra boomi (Burial ground)
: In this place, if prayed the hill the Mahan will respond and vice versa.
: Here only, the simple lessions are taught for the devotees of the kaliyuga.
: This is the simplest Matra any body can ever chant. That is,
Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkay.
(Every thing is to the holy feet of Satguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal)
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