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Sri seshadri Ashram
Free Food Offering

The free food offering here eliminates vices and brings virtues.

- Mahan Sri Seshadhri

Sri seshadri AshramAs Sri Seshadhri Swamigal told through the words of divine Holy Mother Umadevi Free Food Offerings was started in this Ashram.
Sri seshadri AshramOn announcement of plan of Free Food Offerings it was opposed that it will make people lazy.
Sri seshadri AshramThe plan was a success due to the belief taught by mahan Sri Seshadhri Swamigal that mahans, rishis and god will gather here in the guise of Sadhus.
Sri seshadri AshramFor free food offering donation was received at Rs.3/- per one Sadhu.in earlier days.
Sri seshadri AshramThe plan of Free Food Offerings was started on 23.01.1984, the holy birthday of ‘Mahan Sri Seshadhri Swamigal’.
Sri seshadri AshramThe non-extinguish Holy Fire for preparation of free food was ignited by the blessed Holy Mother Umadevi. It is the speciality of this Free Food Offerings.
Sri seshadri AshramIt is the first Ashram which provided proper seating and offered free food.
Sri seshadri AshramSeating the sadhus and perforning maheswara pooja treating them as siva himself was started only in this ashram.
Sri seshadri AshramThe speciality of the building dedicated to Free Food Offering is that this place encompasses the holy tomb of Mahan Sri Badrachalam Swamigal.
Sri seshadri AshramAs assured by the Mahan, it was felt that many ‘Mahans’ descended here along with other sadhus.
Sri seshadri AshramIt was also felt that mahan sri seshadhri swamigal has also participated several times in the Free Food Offerings and had it.
Sri seshadri AshramIt is true that the place of Free Food Offerings is a place of unity where every one is treated equally.

Sri seshadri AshramAny one can participate in the Free Food Offerings scheme by paying merely Rs.100/-
Sri seshadri AshramYou may choose any day like Birthday, Wedding day, etc. and pay money for Free Food Offerings.
Sri seshadri AshramMerely Rs.100/- is not enough for Free Food Offerings. The Free Food Offering scheme is executed by the donation of several persons.
Sri seshadri AshramThough Free Food Offering is done along with other donars benefits and blessings will be equal to all.
Sri seshadri AshramAlong with cooked rice side dishes are also provided.
Sri seshadri AshramFor special Free Food Offerings Rs.500/- or Rs.1000/- to be paid and additional food varities will be provided; the member of sadhu will also be increased.
Sri seshadri AshramSeparate payment for Free Food Offerings on Birthday, Wedding day and in the name of every persons of a family can be made separately.
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