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Mahan sri seshadri swamigal - Part - II

Taught at : Sastra School, School maintained by
the temple, Sadagopa Nilai School.
Those who taught Alpha and
Omega Particularly, Holy
Tamil Language
: Honíble Pedagogues, Masilamani Mudaliar
and Venkatachala Mudaliar
His Younger Brother: Narasimha Jodhidar
Complacence Showered by: Kamakoti Sastrigal, Maragadammal and
then by younger uncle Ramaswamy
and his wife KalyaniAmmal
Earliest Miracle performed: 1876, Vaikasi Visagam Day
His first Decor (Pattam): Golden Hand Seshadri
Mysteries too: Loss of his benevolent mother on
1887 Karthigai month Ekadasi
in the New Moon Crescent.
Chanted Last Words of Mother : ARUNACHALA
Itís Maiden Effect: Alluring Love on Arunachala
His first Drawing: The five faces (tops) of Arunachala
Mountain (Even without seeing it)
His Main Prayer: Mayaana (Burial or Crematory Ground) Japam

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