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Saint Umadevi - Part - III

Name and fame in spirituality : Well bang of earth and heaven
(Ega Para Sowbagyavathi)
Fruit ripped in the Fire (Neruppil Kanintha Kani)
Bramma Rishi
Mother of wisdom (Gnana Thaai)
Shape of voice of sheshadhri (Sesha naatha Rubini)
The First saint who
spoke through her
: Kaddapai Shri. Sachithanantha Swamigal
Grace of other saints : She got groce of Bogar. She well knew Bogarís
traditional medicine and chinise medicine
She got the graces of Arunagiri Nathar
and other sagers.
Subtle bodyless movement means   
Is a talk of spirit?: No
Is it telepathy?: No
Is it murmuring?: No
Is it instinct?: No
Is it due to godís dance?: No
Is it a calculation?: No
Is it by throwing dies?: No
Is it by seeing through ink?: No
Is it talk through tape recorder?: No
Is it future guessing?: No
Is it due to mantra?: No
Is it Nadhi Astrology?: No
Is it ancient palm leaf?: No
Is it due to modern electronic Instruments: No
Then : No

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